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SMARTer Human TCR a/b Profiling Kit—Obtain Full-Length Sequences of TCR-alpha and TCR-beta V(D)J Variable Regions

The SMARTer Human TCR a/b Profiling Kit provides a powerful new solution for those seeking to perform T-cell receptor (TCR) repertoire analysis using NGS. The kit employs a 5’ RACE-like approach to capture complete V(D)J variable regions of TCR transcripts, starting from human blood RNA samples (10 ng–3 µg) or directly from intact lymphocytes (50–10,000 purified T cells). As the name suggests, the kit can be used to generate data for both TCR-alpha and TCR-beta chain diversity, either in the same experiment or separately. In contrast with TCR profiling methods that involve PCR multiplexing, each round of library amplification utilizes a single primer pair for each TCR subunit. Libraries produced with the kit are indexed and ready for sequencing on Illumina® platforms.

This kit leverages our proven SMART technology (Switching Mechanism at 5’ End of RNA Template) along with LNA technology to amplify TCR mRNA sequences in an unbiased manner with remarkable sensitivity.

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  • Complete V(D)J sequence information—Obtain full-length sequences for variable regions of TCR mRNA transcripts
  • TCR-alpha and TCR-beta—Profile diversity for both TCR subunits, either in the same experiment, or separately
  • Flexible sample inputs—Start from 10 ng–3 µg of RNA obtained from peripheral blood, or from 50–10,000 purified T cells
  • No multiplex PCR required—Amplify sequences for each TCR subunit with a single primer pair per reaction
  • Illumina-ready sequencing libraries—Incorporate Illumina adapter and index sequences in a ligation-independent manner, and multiplex up to 96 libraries in a single flow-cell lane
  • Exceptional sensitivity—Detect low-abundance TCR sequences, even with shallow read depths
  • Excellent reproducibility—Generate consistent results across a range of sample input amounts


  • Human TCR repertoire analysis (TCR-alpha and TCR-beta subunits)

Additional Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
635014 SMARTer® Human TCR a/b Profiling Kit 12 Rxns $750.00 License Statements
635015 SMARTer® Human TCR a/b Profiling Kit 48 Rxns $3,072.00 License Statements
635016 SMARTer® Human TCR a/b Profiling Kit 96 Rxns $4,915.00 License Statements


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